Makefile environment variables do not work on some host

Aymeric Dumaz <aymericdumaz@...>


I have created a recipe to call multiple makefile and set a variable
if it's not defined inside them, meaning I set it before "oe_runmake".
It works as expected on a Debian testing, but with a Ubuntu base
chroot it does not.

I have written a simple recipe and the steps I used to configure the
Ubuntu chroot; on Debian I can see "var -bar-" inside log.do_compile,
but on Ubuntu it will only be "var --".
I'm not sure where the bug is located; I'm using Dunfell but I always
thought the host running Yocto was not relevant during the

### Ubuntu chroot: download the image [0], extract it and start the
chroot, update it [1], add the en_US.UTF-8 locale [2], install Yocto
dependencies [3], then add an user.

SRC_URI = "file://Makefile"
S = "${WORKDIR}"

do_compile() {
FOO=bar oe_runmake

### Makefile
@echo "var -$(FOO)-"


[1] apt update && apt upgrade
[2] apt install locales && dpkg-reconfigure locales - select "159" then "3"
[3] apt install python3 python3-distutils binutils chrpath cpio cpp
diffstat g++ gawk gcc git make patch wget xxd

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