VS: [yocto] Make do_image_complete wait for an earlier task

Mikko Murto

Lähettäjä: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@...>
Lähetetty: tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2021 9.57

On Tue, 2021-05-18 at 06:15 +0000, Mikko Murto wrote:

I've created a task do_create_spdx that gets some data from packages
after do_package. The task is currently added with `addtask
do_create_spdx after do_package before do_packagedata` The data is
then enriched and combined in do_image_complete by adding the combining
For the most part everything works as expected, but for some packages
do_create_spdx does not complete in time for the combination step in
Is there a way for me force do_image_complete to wait for
do_create_spdx to have been completed for all packages?
This seems a little odd since image.bbclass has:

do_rootfs[recrdeptask] += "do_packagedata"

which means do_rootfs should only happen after all do_packagedata have run.
Your task is added before do_packagedata.
do_image and do_image_complete should run after do_rootfs.

I'm wondering if the issue is more to do with reuse of previous build artefacts
where sstate is involved. Does your added task account for sstate?
That is odd indeed. I need to give it another go. As for accounting for sstate, no, at least not intentionally.

I've been giving some thought to SDPX and SBOM during our build process so I
am curious what you're doing, is the work public anywhere?
Public at https://github.com/doubleopen-project/meta-doubleopen. The usual disclaimers about PoC-level spaghetti apply; all questions and comments very much appreciated! 😊


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