Re: Statically linked libraries and license manifest

Khem Raj

On 5/17/21 10:44 AM, Jasper Orschulko wrote:
my question more or less reiterates the following:
I am trying to find a way to list statically linked libraries in the
license manifest, but so far I am at a loss. To my understanding Yocto
does not understand packages included using DEPENDS and not RDEPENDS as
part of the resulting image, however technically source code from the
dependee can (and will) end up on the image as part of the dependent
package. This is a serious issue from a legal point of view, as the
developer ultimately might end up with an incomplete list of licenses,
when relying on the Yocto license manifest.
Please, do correct me if I'm wrong :)
partly yes. there is a provision to disable static linking using DISABLE_STATIC, so atleast some of packages can be cleared of. depends are effective during build time and its the linking which decides on static vs dynamic linking and bitbake does not have much control over that but you can perhaps easily write a probe and extract this information from linker cmdline perhaps by dumping linker map and post processing it.

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