Re: [bitbake-devel] Git Fetcher Branch Default

Martin Jansa

On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 05:51:24AM -0700, Chuck Wolber wrote:
I got a fetcher failure on go-systemd today, which puzzled me. That
recipe has not changed in ages, and the SRCPV hash is clearly visible
in the repository.

After looking at it closer, it seems that
has changed its default branch from master to main about six days ago.
This appears to break a fundamental assumption on the part of the
fetcher when looking for SRCREV and SRCPV hashes.

Looking at lib/bb/fetch2/ makes it evident that this is the
case. I can trivially fix this with a .bbappend, but it seems to me
that the fundamental default branch assumption needs to be updated.

Has anyone discussed adding main to the list of default branches to
try? If not, I may be able to come up with a patch, but the code does
process default branches as a list, so I will need to think a bit on
the best way to approach this. Any guidance would be appreciated.
I agree it's a bit annoying that some projects have chosen to rename the
existing branches instead of just adopting "main" to be the default
branch only for new projects (as the defaults changed e.g. on github).

I've already added explicit branch=main in 10+ recipes in various layers
for dunfell and newer branches (ostree in meta-oe just today or e.g. yesterday).

Luckily it's easy to fix with local bbappend, so even people using
unsupported release (zeus and older) can do so or finally upgrade to
some supported release which might have this fix already.

It was also discussed shortly in #yocto yeasterday:

22:38 < zeddii> RP: did we come up with a policy on anything we can do
with the fetcher to make "main" be a fallback default to master. Or was
the end decision to just add explicit branch statements everywhere ?
23:21 < RP> zeddii: I'm open to patch proposals or we just set the
branch on urls
23:23 < RP> zeddii: being explicit is perhaps the better option that
magic in the fetcher

And I agree with RP, especially because fetcher magic won't get
backported to old bitbake used in zeus and older anyway, so it won't
help there and backporting fetcher change locally will be more risky
than backporting simple SRC_URI change for individual recipes which need


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