Re: esdk issue using hardknott sources #yocto

Richard Purdie

On Mon, 2021-05-10 at 21:13 -0700, sateesh m wrote:
Hi Guys,

             I have successfully built core-image-base image using hardknott sources.  I am trying to build 
sdk & populate_sdk_ext. I have built successfully.but when I running ./oecore-x86_64-riscv64-toolchain-ext- 

I am facing issue xorgproto write config failed. 

Can anybody known this issue please help me to solve.
It looks like you're using OE-Core and nodistro and we generally test
the eSDK with poky. It also looks like you're using rm_work and we do
not test that with eSDK on the autobuilder.

For some reason the generated task hashes in the eSDK are not matching
the hashes generated by the previous build. I mention the above as those
are two differences I can see between what you're doing and what we test.
I don't know what is causing those differences though. We are aware this
part of the build is rather hard to debug unfortunately. We've not managed
to find a way to make this easier as yet.



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