[dunfell] Remove hwclock #dunfell #yocto

Alexandre GAMBIER <alexandre@...>


I would like to remove hwclock from the rootfs cause we don't have an RTC.
Maybe later I'll replace it with fake-hwclock.

I'm using dunfell with IPK packages and I tried to add the following settings in my image settings file (not all at the same time) but none of them removed hwclock.
  • PACKAGE_EXCLUDE += " util-linux-hwclock "
  • BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS += " util-linux-hwclock "
  • IMAGE_INSTALL_remove += " util-linux-hwclock "

Is there a way to remove the package util-linux-hwclock ?
I could useĀ IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND and write my own script to remove it but I think it's better and safer to remove the package during the rootfs build.


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