Re: Recipe Grep'ing

Robert Joslyn

On Wed, 2021-05-05 at 17:50 -0700, Khem Raj wrote:

On 5/5/21 5:41 PM, Chuck Wolber wrote:
I was pondering putting some work in to a fairly large patch set
at making recipes easier to grep through, and wanted to get some
feedback before I put time and effort into it.

"what" and the "why" when grep'ing through recipes to search for

FOO += "item1"
FOO += "item2"

Whereas this pattern gives us the "what", but not the "why":

FOO = "item1 \
              item2 \

After discussing this with Richard Purdie on IRC, I also understand
the latter pattern benefits some forms of build output. In addition,
SRC_URI, the "why" is normally fairly obvious from context clues.

So, is there any interest in accepting a patch set of that nature for
Yocto and OE repositories? If so, what variables and situations
be considered "off limits" to a change like that?
nice to have a linter, which can do such checks and perhaps we can
enable this in autobuilders so we can keep such cleansups maintained
There is the script that attempts to format recipes
according to the style guide:

Last time I played with it, I was a bit disappointed with some of the
changes it makes, some of which are different than what devtool does.
When I need to introduce new developers to bitbake, I'd love to be able
to hand them oe-stylize or something similar and just tell them to run
it before committing to make sure everything is formatted consistently.

I've had updating on my TODO list for a while, but more
important things always come up.


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