Re: Recipe Grep'ing

Khem Raj

On 5/5/21 5:41 PM, Chuck Wolber wrote:
I was pondering putting some work in to a fairly large patch set aimed at making recipes easier to grep through, and wanted to get some feedback before I put time and effort into it.
I have often found that the following pattern cleanly describes the "what" and the "why" when grep'ing through recipes to search for things:
FOO += "item1"
FOO += "item2"
Whereas this pattern gives us the "what", but not the "why":
FOO = "item1 \
             item2 \
After discussing this with Richard Purdie on IRC, I also understand that the latter pattern benefits some forms of build output. In addition, for SRC_URI, the "why" is normally fairly obvious from context clues.
So, is there any interest in accepting a patch set of that nature for Yocto and OE repositories? If so, what variables and situations should be considered "off limits" to a change like that?
I think it is a good idea, however, to make it persistent it would be nice to have a linter, which can do such checks and perhaps we can enable this in autobuilders so we can keep such cleansups maintained

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