Re: SSH_AUTH_SOCK unavailable when pulling modules #golang

Richard Purdie

On Mon, 2021-05-03 at 11:25 -0700, Sven via wrote:

I have put together a recipe inheriting from go-mod. This project depends on 
out-of-repo modules that sit in private repos. As long as the SSH key required 
to pull the requirements is present as a file (under $HOME/.ssh), everything 
works fine. However, as soon as the SSH credentials are only available via 
agent and $SSH_AUTH_SOCK, the do_compile step fails. I have traced this down 
to the fact that the $SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable is not available to
do_compile which is when the requirements are pulled. This is the sort of error 
message I get:
ERROR: mypackage-git-r0 do_compile: Execution of '[...]/mypackage/git-r0/temp/run.do_compile.20076' 
failed with exit code 1:
# cd .; git ls-remote
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Note, that the do_fetch step succeeds in pulling the actual repo. I tried fixing 
the problem by wrapping the do_compile function and providing $SSH_AUTH_SOCK from
the original environment:
def origenv(d, var):
    return d.getVar("BB_ORIGENV", False).getVar(var, False)

do_compile() {
    if [ -n "${@origenv(d, 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK') or ''}" ]; then
        export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="${@origenv(d, 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK')}"

This allows the do_compile step (and all subsequent steps) to finish successfully. 
However, that way, I get a bunch of errors like this (cleansstate does not help):
ERROR: When reparsing [...]/, the basehash value 
changed from eb51e4ec321c723587cec03bb9b33b94ee43e0b0939eb43b52824e3d5cfebec2 
to 2bb034f43856917d6454a56b32946b1c68cf7f286b20fd7a7eaf1bfd2a92d34f. The metadata 
is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.
ERROR: The following commands may help:
ERROR: $ bitbake mypackage -cdo_compile -Snone
ERROR: Then:
ERROR: $ bitbake mypackage -cdo_compile -Sprintdiff

Neither command helps to fix this. What can I do? I'm on poky yocto-3.1.5-18-gbb7747497a.

You can probably 'fix' that with:

do_compile[vardepsexclude] += "SSH_AUTH_SOCK"

however you really shouldn't be accessing the network in a compile task.
That is a wider go issue :(.



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