Re: what OE/YP layers should be considered "supported"?

Armin Kuster

Helllo Robert,

On 5/4/21 2:03 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
related to something that richard purdie mentioned on the OE list,
if one wanted to do a YP-wide "cleanup" of some indeterminate form,
what are the layers that would be considered mandatory to cover in
such a cleanup?
I don't have an context in the email you are referring to. Can you
include it please?
Supported will mean different things to different people.

no-brainers would, of course, include:

* oe-core
* meta-openembedded

beyond that, what else? i would think:

* meta-virtualization
* meta-java
* meta-security
* ... more? ...

and there are the vendor layers:

* meta-intel
* meta-freescale
* meta-qcom
* meta-boundary

where can one stop?


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