[meta-raspberrypi] Booting a Raspberry Pi 4 using PXE

Manuel Wagesreither

Hello all!

Since a certain eeprom version, the Raspberry Pi 4 can directly boot from network. Has anyone experience on this?

I already managed to to have the Raspi to load the kernel and all the device tree stuff over network. I then exported `build/tmp/work/raspberrypi4_64-poky-linux/bora-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/` as via nfs and changed the linux kernel commandline so it would use this share as nfsroot. At boot many failing services get reported and and the boot progress stops somewhere along the way. It tells me the system is in emergency mode and asks me for the root password for maintenance. I have an empty root password. When I press Control-D to continue, the same prompt reappears. Same when I simply press enter.

Has onyone any input for me? I guess I'll need to monitor what gets written to the serial port.


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