Re: Can layer maintainers add yocto-X.Y tags for yocto-3.3 and later?

Claude Bing

This would be a helpful addition for us when upgrading between named
Yocto releases. Normally, when we are ready to upgrade, we checkout the
HEAD for the named branch and try to get everything working together.

Having a tagged commit for a version would (hopefully) help ensure that
all of the layers are in the same state as when it went through QA
testing. If we are upgrading at some arbitrary point after the release
was made, some layers could have additional commits that may require
changes which have not yet made it into the dependent layers.


Claude Bing

On 4/27/21 12:48 PM, Randy MacLeod wrote:

I've CCed some of the maintainers of more widely used Yocto layers
to get comments on about tagging. Please add in people who I may
have missed.

For a while now, oe-core has had a yocto-X.Y tag in addition to the
release branch name. This helps users easily find the exact commit
that corresponds to the say 3.3 GA release. There have been some
omissions in tagging but Michael and Richard are adjusting the
release process so that tagging will happen more consistently.

Most yocto layers have not adopted the tagging perhaps because they
weren't aware of it so that's why I'm writing this email. Tagging
will make it easy to find the first commit for a specific release
independent of what the branching policy of a layer is. Layer
maintainers sometimes create the release branch in advance of
when oe-core is released and by adding the tag, it would make it
clear when the layer considers content to be officially released.
Of course it's up to users to decide if they are going to follow
the HEAD of a branch or, for some reason, stick with a tagged commit
or private branch off that commit.

Are there any concerns about attempting to do this for yocto-3.3
and later?

Should we make it a requirement for yocto compliance?
Should it be a feature tested by the yocto compliance script?

Here's what's in oe-core and bitbake now:
$ cd .../oe-core.git
$ git tag -l | grep yocto-3

$ cd bitbake/
$ git tag -l | grep yocto-3

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