Hardknott: grub immediately reboots

Tony Battersby

After upgrading from Dunfell (YP 3.1) to Hardknott (YP 3.3), our
firmware was unable to boot.  Our target hardware is x86-64 booting in
legacy BIOS mode using grub on a variety of motherboards and CPUs.  The
grub menu would never show up; instead it would reboot immediately,
leading to an endless reboot loop.

I have two different workarounds.  Create a bbappend file for grub, and
do one of the following two things:

1) Add the following line:

CFLAGS_remove = "-O2"

2) Or make a patch to revert the following commit, and add it to SRC_URI:


NOTE: this commit fixes a CVE, so do not revert it without due

Here is my upstream bug report:


Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  I am wondering how it got
past Yocto QA.

Tony Battersby

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