Yocto Project Status WW16`21

Stephen Jolley

Current Dev Position: YP 3.4 M1

Next Deadline: 7th June 2021 YP 3.4 M1 build


Next Team Meetings:


Key Status/Updates:

  • YP 3.3 has been released. Thanks go to everyone who contributed to it!
  • YP 3.1.7 has come cleanly through QA and is pending TSC approval for release.
  • The YP TSC has now served for two years, thanks go to the outgoing TSC (Armin, Denys, Khem, Richard, Ross) who have been instrumental in a number of significant project developments over that time such as the LTS, definition of processes and resourcing the project. Some of the work isn’t immediately obvious but has shaped the project and should ensure a stable and positive future direction.
  • New TSC members are now being chosen for the next two years. Three of the TSC seats have now been (re-)elected by the YP members and those seats are being filled by Richard (chair), Khem and Ross. Two are elected by the OE community and there will be a call for candidates coming soon from the OE board to the OE membership.
  • The master branch has opened for 3.4 development and a number of patches queued during release of 3.3 have now merged.
  • There may be interest in a new command, “bitbake-getvar” being proposed on the bitbake mailing list and in master-next. This makes it easier to see the history of a single variable and also makes a neat example of using the tinfoil API. We are also considering other similar helper commands (maybe along the lines of the ‘bb’ tool) with a view to making things easier for new users.
  • Intermittent autobuilder issues continue to occur and are now at a record high level. You  can see the list of failures we’re continuing to see by searching for the “AB-INT” tag in bugzilla: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=AB-INT

We are working to identify the load pattern on the infrastructure that seems to trigger these.


Ways to contribute:


YP 3.3 Milestone Dates:

  • YP 3.3 is released.


YP 3.4 Milestone Dates:

  • YP 3.4 M1 build date 2021/06/07
  • YP 3.4 M1 Release date 2021/06/18
  • YP 3.4 M2 build date 2021/07/12
  • YP 3.4 M2 Release date 2021/07/23
  • YP 3.4 M3 build date 2021/08/23
  • YP 3.4 M3 Release date 2021/09/03
  • YP 3.4 M4 build date 2021/10/04
  • YP 3.4 M4 Release date 2021/10/29


Planned upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 3.1.7 is out of QA.
  • YP 3.2.4 build date 2021/05/3
  • YP 3.2.4 release date 2021/05/14
  • YP 3.1.8 build date 2021/05/17
  • YP 3.1.8 release date 2021/05/28
  • YP 3.3.1 build date 2021/05/24
  • YP 3.3.1 release date 2021/06/04
  • YP 3.1.9 build date 2021/06/21
  • YP 3.1.9 release date 2021/07/02
  • YP 3.1.10 build date 2021/07/26
  • YP 3.1.10 release date 2021/08/06
  • YP 3.3.2 build date 2021/08/09
  • YP 3.3.2 release date 2021/08/20
  • YP 3.1.11 build date 2021/09/13
  • YP 3.1.11 release date 2021/9/24


Tracking Metrics:


The Yocto Project’s technical governance is through its Technical Steering Committee, more information is available at:



The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Weekly_Status


[If anyone has suggestions for other information you’d like to see on this weekly status update, let us know!]




Stephen K. Jolley

Yocto Project Program Manager

(    Cell:                (208) 244-4460

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