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Mike Looijmans

You can use both by changing the directory for downloads and sstate-cache. Put these in your local.conf:

SSTATE_DIR = "/opt/sstate-cache"
DL_DIR = "/opt/downloads"

(You change "/opt" to some other location. Make sure you have write access to those directories)

Move the contents of the build/sstate-cache and downloads to the new directories.

You really should consider adding extra storage. It's the easiest way out. OpenEmbedded/Yocto is insensitive to disk speed, so if you have some old rotating disk in the attic, put that in your PC.

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On 15-04-2021 17:34, Murugesh M via wrote:

I am new to Yocto project and have little experience in Linux.

In my computer, Root folder is having free space of 65 GB and Home is having 45 GB free space.

Shall I get the poky in root folder and do the complete Yocto build image process from Root directory itself?

Please suggest.


Mike Looijmans

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