what to include in a "hardware bringup image"?

Robert P. J. Day

for a current project (and subsequent projects), i want to define a
hardware bringup image; that is, a really basic image chock-full of
low-level utilities for debugging initial board bringup. this means
precious little unnecessary userspace crud that has no value in that
context. (at the moment, the target is aarch64 but, naturally, the
ideal image would be maximally applicable no matter the target.)

i'm thinking of recipes that allow probing/configuration of memory
and busses and that sort of thing. off the top of my head:

* pciutils
* usbutils
* libgpiod
* phytool (or other MDIO probe/debug tools)
* devmem2
* spidev-test/spitools
* i2c-tools

the list can go on and on, and i just ran across this which i had
never seen before:


suggestions? i suspect numerous folks on this list have already done
something like this.


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