#golang: go fetches dependencies in compile phase

Juergen Landwehr

Hello Konrad,

thanks for your reply.

It is interesting that you mention vendoring, because we tried this approach as well. We started to develop a "go-mod-vendor.bbclass", which retrieves the
application source code in "do_fetch_append" and then calls "go mod vendor".

The big problem was, that in that phase there is not yet a go executable available for the recipe, so we downloaded our own go version, which makes this approach a bit ugly.

But there is already a go version installed on the build host, right? In "poky/meta/recipes-devtools/go" I found a "go-native_1.14.bb" recipe.
So can we use this go exectuable somehow by adding a dependency (e.g. DEPENDS="go-native") and then use a path to the go exectuable that is guaranteed to work?

The other alternative (defining a recipe for each dependent go module) sounds really painful. Especially as we have quite a few dependencies, which have dependencies as well.
I see the point, that doing it that way makes it more visible and more Yocto like, but thinking about it gives me headaches already :)

Thanks again.

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