Re: #golang: go fetches dependencies in compile phase

Konrad Weihmann <kweihmann@...>

Well AFAIK your observation is correct, go-mod.bbclass doesn't work a in BB_NO_NETWORK-safe manner.
What you could do is to provide all the dependencies manually and add them via DEPENDS, which is grant the behavior expected.

The bad thing about go is that chances of circular dependencies of go modules are relatively high.

I've also seen a few approaches using vendoring to escape this, but I'm afraid none of the code is pretty well tested nor publicly available.

If you'd ask me, I would go the long painful road of providing each required go module as a recipe of it's own and inject it into the final recipe - this also makes it pretty visible what you're pulling into your build in terms of licensing a.s.o.

On 09.04.21 15:53, Juergen Landwehr wrote:
we are developing an application in go and use the "go-mod" bb-class from poky. This works fine.
However, the problem is, that the dependencies in go.mod are now fetched in the compile phase and not in the fetch phase.
This is not allowed in our project setup and kind of contradicts the Yocto paradigmn of having a fetch and a compile phase.
Is there a way to avoid this or some other solution that we could use?

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