Re: [PATCH yocto-autobuilder-helper] run-docs-build: build from tags dynamically instead of static list

Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@...>


On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 9:31 AM Quentin Schulz <foss@...> wrote:
Hi Michael,

On April 6, 2021 10:58:20 PM UTC, Michael Halstead <mhalstead@...> wrote:
>All new releases are Sphinx ready so we exclude old tags and build for
>all the rest.

Thanks for starting this!
>Signed-off-by: Michael Halstead <mhalstead@...>
> scripts/run-docs-build | 14 ++++++++++----
> 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
>diff --git a/scripts/run-docs-build b/scripts/run-docs-build
>index 910f03d..13df34a 100755
>--- a/scripts/run-docs-build
>+++ b/scripts/run-docs-build
>@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ ypdocs=$2/documentation/
> bbdocs=$3/doc/
> docs_buildtools=/srv/autobuilder/
> outputdir=$builddir/output
>+excluded_tags="yocto-3.1.4 yocto-3.1.3 yocto-3.1.2 yocto-3.1.1 yocto-3.1 yocto-3.0.1 yocto-3.0 yocto-2.6.4 yocto-2.6.3 yocto-2.7.1 yocto-2.6.2 yocto-2.7 yocto-2.6.1 yocto-2.6 yocto-2.5.2 yocto-2.5.1 yocto-2.4.4 yocto-2.4.3 yocto-2.5 yocto-2.3.4 yocto-1.0.2 yocto-1.1.2 yocto-1.2.2 yocto-1.2.1 yocto-1.3 yocto-1.3.1 yocto-1.3.2 yocto-1.4.3 yocto-1.4.2 yocto-1.4.1 yocto-1.4 yocto-2.1.3 yocto-2.4.2 yocto-2.1.1 yocto-2.1.2 yocto-2.0.3 yocto-1.8.2 yocto-2.2.3 yocto-2.4.1 yocto-2.3.3 yocto-2.3.2 yocto-2.4 yocto-2.2.2 yocto-2.3.1 yocto-2.3 yocto-2.2.1 yocto-2.0.2 yocto-2.2 yocto-2.1 yocto-2.0.1 yocto-2.0 yocto-1.8.1 yocto-1.7.3 yocto-1.6.3 yocto-1.7.2 yocto-1.8 yocto-1.5.1"
> cd $builddir
>@@ -77,13 +78,18 @@ for branch in dunfell gatesgarth hardknott; do
> done
> # Yocto Project releases/tags
>-for tag in 3.1.5 3.1.6 3.2 3.2.1 3.2.2 3.2.3; do
>+cd $ypdocs
>+for tag in $(git tag -l  |grep 'yocto-' |sort); do

IIUC the man page,
git tag --list 'yocto-*' | sort

sort -V is even better since it does "natural sort of (version) numbers within text", let's get ready for 3.10 ;) 
And using -V, how about something along these lines:

for v in $(git tag --list 'yocto-*'); do
    first=$(printf '%s\n%s' $v $v_sphinx | sort -V | head -n1)
    if [ "$first" = "$v_sphinx" ]; then
        echo "Yocto $v uses Sphinx!"

and it outputs the following when I run it locally:

Yocto yocto-3.1.5 uses Sphinx!
Yocto yocto-3.1.6 uses Sphinx!
Yocto yocto-3.2 uses Sphinx!
Yocto yocto-3.2.1 uses Sphinx!
Yocto yocto-3.2.2 uses Sphinx!
Yocto yocto-3.2.3 uses Sphinx!

would be doing the same thing as the one command with grep above.
Discovered it recently so just wanted to share.

I guess this is something we can also do for bitbake Sphinx documentation?


Removed the git context inadvertently but, is =~ some bash built-in? I don't know what's the shebang on top but maybe we want to force it to bash since I'm not sure it's POSIX "compliant" anymore? 

It is bash already. 

Reviewed-by: Quentin Schulz <foss@...>


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