Re: [OE-core] WiFi P2P support

Khem Raj

On 4/6/21 12:33 AM, JH wrote:
I am building WiFi wlan Linux image on Zeus using Linux WiFi
linux-firmware-sd8801 and connman, I need to add WiFi P2P support, is
it sufficient to create wpa-supplicant_2.9.bbappend to enable
CONFIG_P2P=y (it is disabled in wpa-supplicant_2.9 defconfig)?
Do I need to make other changes on OE configurations?
I dont think there is a canned recipe for P2P so you will discover on way.

I would suggest to look at

Once you get working it will be valuable if you can then share what steps you needed for it to work end to end.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

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