BB_NO_NETWORK ignored, causing fetch failure

Kent Dorfman <kent.dorfman766@...>

upstream vendors provided me with a git repo of ALL necessary layers
with the understanding that I'd clone the repo locally and disable
network access, using only our local cloned repo in dl_mirror/

The files in dl_mirror are either raw tarballs, gitshallow, or
gitsmshallow. I've touched the .done file for all of them.

After removing all state cache and attempting a clean rebuild I'm
getting a do_fetch failure on a recipe for one of the vendor specific

ERROR: XXX-pll-ctrl-git-r0 do_fetch: Network access disabled through
BB_NO_NETWORK (or set indirectly due to use of BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY)
but access requested with command \
LANG=C git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 clone --bare --mirror \
/HD/home/XXdev/XX-yocto-git/build/../dl_mirror \
/git2/ \
--progress (for url

ERROR: XXX-pll-ctrl-git-r0 do_fetch: Function failed: base_do_fetch
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in:

I need to force yocto to ONLY use or attempt to use dl_mirror/
content...regardless of what the SRC_URI is in the recipe. Not clear
on why "git clone --mirror" still references upstream repo

How to accomplish bombproof local dl_mirror/ reference only?

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