does meta-virtualization layer have superfluous dynamic layers stuff?

Robert P. J. Day

just noticed this is meta-virt layer, file layer.conf:

# The dynamic-layers directory hosts extensions and layer-specific
# modifications.
# The .bbappend and .bb files are included if the respective layer
# collection is available.
BBFILES += "${@' '.join('${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/%s/recipes*/*/*.bbappend' % layer \
for layer in BBFILE_COLLECTIONS.split())}"
BBFILES += "${@' '.join('${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/%s/recipes*/*/*.bb' % layer \
for layer in BBFILE_COLLECTIONS.split())}"

raspberrypi:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/raspberrypi/*/*/*.bb \
raspberrypi:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/rasbperrypi/*/*/*.bbappend \
xilinx:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/xilinx/*/*/*.bb \
xilinx:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/xilinx/*/*/*.bbappend \

i'm *assuming* that those first two assignments to BBFILES
represent the earlier technique for supporting dynamic layers,
otherwise i'm not sure what they're doing there. with the assignment
to BBFILES_DYNAMIC, is there any value to the earlier assignments?


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