No significant diff b/w qemux86 and qemuarm poky build of core-image-minimal

Randy MacLeod

Khem was asking if anyone had seen a >30% difference in build time for
qemuarm compared to other machines. I don't when building on my system:

rmacleod@yow-rmacleod-lx3 b/c-i-m-x86 $ cat x86
real 43m29.142s
user 0m19.887s
sys 0m4.110s

rmacleod@yow-rmacleod-lx3 b/c-i-m-x86 $ cat arm
real 42m58.185s
user 0m19.546s
sys 0m3.867s

This machine is relatively isolated in that there are no other users.
The arm build was done second and I didn't pre-populate the downloads
but so that may account for the 30 second difference.
I wasn't using sstate for either build.
# Randy MacLeod
# Wind River Linux

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