[meta-zephyr][PATCH 1/1] zephyr-kernel-src.inc: Support samples from external layers

Andrei Gherzan

From: Andrei Gherzan <andrei.gherzan@...>

The inc file references patch(es) local to the inc file. Including this
file from another recipe as part of an external layer, will make bitbake
fail finding the files referenced in zephyr-kernel-src.inc's SRC_URI.

By including an explicit path to the files directory in FILESEXTRAPATHS,
we make sure that any recipe including this inc file will inherit the
needed path.

Signed-off-by: Andrei Gherzan <andrei.gherzan@...>
recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-src.inc | 5 +++++
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-src.inc b/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-src.inc
index 39cbc10..8c987bb 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-src.inc
+++ b/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-src.inc
@@ -7,6 +7,11 @@ include zephyr-kernel-src-${PREFERRED_VERSION_zephyr-kernel}.inc

inherit cmake

+# This file might be included from other places (like other layers) and not
+# having an explicit path to the patches directory, will make bitbake fail to
+# find the patch(es) in SRC_URI.
+FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"
SRC_URI = "\
git://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr.git;protocol=https;branch=master;name=default \
git://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/cmsis.git;protocol=https;destsuffix=git/modules/cmsis;name=cmsis \

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