Re: To burn 'bitbake package-index' into build process

keydi <krzysztof.dudziak@...>

Thanks for hint.
Which qualities might current implementation output still miss?

I tried to ask in meantime three Yocto books for help
but no clear help got. My search went toward distribution-level meta-data,
this can be however wrong direction as package index is not built for
target system distribution/image.

I get the impression as of time being the only solution
will be to start one small script additionally to main script
to respawn Bitbake environment once again to do bitbake package-index.


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is close to what you want, but I didn't quite finish it off!


On Fri, 26 Mar 2021 at 16:45, keydi <krzysztof.dudziak@...>

Should it be feasible to burn execution of 'bitbake package-index'
into distribution/image build process by conducting an adaption of meta-
data ?
I mean high-level script is used to spawn Bitbake environment then start
Bitbake image target.
I am unhappy to mess up high-level script to add that step to build process.
I am unhappy to make detail that level be visible in high-level script.
Rather I prefer to modify meta-data.

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