Re: Howto read bitbake -g files?

Khem Raj

On 3/25/21 3:37 AM, Mauro Ziliani wrote:
An example about my question
Inside I see this
"opencv-dev" [label="opencv-dev(opencv) :3.1+gitAUTOINC+92387b1ef8-r0\n/Sources/softfx/krogoth/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/opencv/"]
I need to remote opencv-dev from final image.
In I see
"opencv" -> "opencv-dev" [style=dashed]
this should only happen if opencv-dev has a .so which is not a symlink
and there is a program in opencv package which depends on it. Can you expand the content of opencv-dev and see whats in there ?
secondly you can also look at content of opencv package and readelf -d over the binaries in it and see if some binary is dependent on .so from -dev package.

you can do this inside opencv build tree under packages-split/ area.
of a built tree.

I understand that
opencv generates opencv-dev from the recipe
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On mar 25 2021, at 8:39 am, Mauro Ziliani <> wrote:
Hi all
I have to look for the recipes put in my image the *-dev packages.
I removed dev-pkgs and dng-pkgs from IMAGE_FEATURES and debug tweaks
I don't IMAGE_INSTALL_append any *-dev packages
I generate bitbakeĀ  -g image, but I don't produce the PDF because is
So I read the dot source. I use dot and I know the syntax.
But I don't how to read the graph.
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