[yocto-autobuilder-helper][dunfell 00/23] Patch review

Steve Sakoman

Please review the following patches for dunfell and have comments back by end of day Friday.

Passed a-full on autobuilder:


with the exception of an autobuilder intermittent issue for qemuppc, which passed on
subsequent retest:


The following changes since commit ef52b284e8cbe90c18fdab6a0d6fa8095a2c4ed9:

send-qa-email: Save the QA email in case it doesn't reach the mailing lists. (2021-02-23 10:24:14 +0000)

are available in the Git repository at:

git://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-autobuilder-helper contrib/sakoman

Richard Purdie (22):
scripts: Add runqemu-renice.c for renicing runqemu
scripts/generate-testresult-index: Update after 'posttrigger' renaming
broke the index generation
scripts/generate-testresult-index: Ensure backwards compatibility with
older layout
scripts/generate-testresult-index.py: Ensure we're not always
rerunning resulttool
scripts/generate-testresult-index: Improve index to list test reports,
ptest and buildperf separately
scripts/generate-testresult-index: Reorder buildhistory to improve
scripts/generate-testresult-index.py: Use bulma css to improve the
look of the index
scripts/run-config: Don't execute steps that don't exist!
scripts/run-config: Ensure stepnum has a value when there are no steps
scripts/run-config: If target is present default to 1 step
run-config: Adapt to two pass execution
scripts/run-config: Improve logfile naming
scripts/run-config: Ensure logging to both logfile and stdout
config.json/run-config: Add human readable descriptions of steps
scripts/run-config: Remove redundant boilerplate json
scripts/shared-repo-unpack: Add flush call to update the output more
regularly before buildtools
config.json/run-config: Add support for shortnames and descriptions
config.json: Unbreak qa-extras locked sigs test
config.json: Add further descriptions
config.json: Use buildtools tarball on debian9
scripts/run-config: Disable output buffering
config.json: Split reproduciblity tests into their own target

Ross Burton (1):
config: build and test SDKs when using package_deb

config.json | 102 ++++++++++--
scripts/generate-testresult-index.py | 83 +++++++---
scripts/run-config | 235 +++++++++++++++++++--------
scripts/runqemu-renice.c | 44 +++++
scripts/shared-repo-unpack | 1 +
scripts/utils.py | 5 +-
6 files changed, 367 insertions(+), 103 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 scripts/runqemu-renice.c


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