Yocto Project Status WW11`21

Stephen Jolley

Current Dev Position: YP 3.3 M4 (Feature Freeze)

Next Deadline: 5th April 2021 YP 3.3 M4 build


Next Team Meetings:


Key Status/Updates:

  • YP 3.3 M3 rc1 had an issue with the beaglebone reference platform. As such, we plan to build an rc2 when this has been fixed.
  • The release series name for core has been bumped to “hardknott” and the previous one, “gatesgarth” has now been removed. We do this so that layers being actively maintained can be clearly identified compared to those which are not. Layers will need to be updated to show compatibility with the 3.3 core.
  • We’ve taken a number of version upgrades and other changes as the benefits to taking them seem to outweigh the potential risk.
  • There is a pending change to remove ‘stale’ sstate task output before the main build starts in master-next. This has been testing for a while with no reports of issues and seems to perform well so will likely be included in M3 rc2.
  • “Pending” state patch review is still needed, we have some really old stale ones which really need decisions to be made about their future. It would help a lot if recipe maintainers could review recipe patchsets and upstream them or remove them if they are no longer relevant. 
  • Intermittent autobuilder issues continue to occur and are now at a record high level. You can see the list of failures we’re continuing to see by searching for the “AB-INT” tag in bugzilla: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=AB-INT

We are working to identify the load pattern on the infrastructure that seems to trigger these.


Ways to contribute:


YP 3.3 Milestone Dates:

  • YP 3.3 M3 will go back to QA for rc2 soon.
  • YP 3.3 M4 build date 2021/04/05
  • YP 3.3 M4 Release date 2021/04/30


Planned upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 3.2.3 build date 2021/03/22
  • YP 3.2.3 release date 2021/04/02
  • YP 3.1.7 build date 2021/03/29
  • YP 3.1.7 release date 2021/04/09
  • YP 3.2.4 build date 2021/05/3
  • YP 3.2.4 release date 2021/05/14
  • YP 3.1.8 build date 2021/05/17
  • YP 3.1.8 release date 2021/05/28


Tracking Metrics:


The Yocto Project’s technical governance is through its Technical Steering Committee, more information is available at:



The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Weekly_Status


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Stephen K. Jolley

Yocto Project Program Manager

(    Cell:                (208) 244-4460

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