Re: [meta-rockchip][PATCH] Add machine definitions for NanoPi-M4 boards

Yann Dirson

Hi Joshua,

Le lun. 22 mars 2021 à 19:24, Joshua Watt <jpewhacker@...> a écrit :

On 3/22/21 9:59 AM, Yann Dirson wrote:

Hi Trevor,

Le lun. 22 mars 2021 à 15:47, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> a écrit :

On Mon 2021-03-22 @ 02:42:12 PM, yann.dirson@... wrote:

This supports both the 2GB and 4GB versions of the board. This is not
done with 2 different machine definitions since only u-boot has to
change between those two configurations, but with a NANOPIM4_HW variable
to set in local.conf.

Traditionally in meta-rockchip this is done using two separate machine files
with all the common things factored into a common include file. See
tinker-board and tinker-board-s as well as all the rock-pi-4* definitions for

I would prefer if the same thing was done here.

Damned that was how I did my first patch, I just felt it was much
better this way :(

Digging up that original commit re rerolling.

Wouldn't it be useful to have a standard way to specify such hardware
variants, that
would be recognized as such by the layer index ?

FWIW, I'd rather u-boot could automatcially detect what variant of the board it's running on and do the right thing (usually, just selecting the proper DTB from the FIT image). The only reason I did not do this on the rock-pi-4 is because there doesn't appear to be a way for u-boot to detect which variant it's on :/
Wait, it's only the dtb used by u-boot which is different in this
case, the kernel uses a single dtb for both variants.
Those probably get embedded inside the bootloader, in any case they
are not those embedded in the fitImage.

#include "rk3399-nanopi4-u-boot.dtsi"
-#include "rk3399-sdram-ddr3-1866.dtsi"
+#include "rk3399-sdram-lpddr3-samsung-4GB-1866.dtsi"

I have no clue how easily the two boards could be told one from the
other (let alone if that can be done safely),
and I feel that would rather be uboot-side work, rather than something
to be solved on the yocto side.

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