Re: is there a recent explanation of tricks you can play with MACHINEOVERRIDES?

Quentin Schulz

Hi Robert,

On March 19, 2021 9:54:34 AM UTC, "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday@...> wrote:

years ago, i asked about how to support a small set of
closely-related targets using MACHINEOVERRIDES to define how to apply
patches in a (somewhat) hierarchical fashion:

is there any current BSP that does something like that? and is this
sort of thing worth expanding on and adding to one of the manuals?
Don't use _prepend but =. BEFORE the other includes in your machine configuration files otherwise the order in MACHINEOVERRIDES is incorrect. Do NOT use append, or .=, they result in incorrect order too.

I do use this mechanism because we kind of use Yocto machines the wrong way (basically using machines instead of distros or more complex images).

I think NXP is making extensive use of this variable by defining a MACHINEOVERRIDES per SoC families (e.g. imx:imx8:imx8mm).

I'm not sure we need to explain all possible uses of OVERRIDES variables, just how to set it and how it works.

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