Re: Recipes and meta-data directory tree

Tim Orling

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 6:16 PM Khem Raj <raj.khem@...> wrote:
On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 9:43 AM keydi <krzysztof.dudziak@...> wrote:
> Two projects are given. They use different YP release each.
> Projects use also different target platform each.
> I wonder if differences in structuring metadata- and recipes- directory tree between
> these two projects result solely from different YP releases in use.
> Or if these can be a result also of modifications conducted by platform vendors.
> Any hints in what extend these result from different YP release numbers in use?
> project A (YP release 2.6)
> xxxx /yocto/
> xxxx/yocto/downloads
> xxxx/yocto/meta
> xxxx/yocto/sstate-cache
> xxxx/yocto/build
> xxxx/yocto/.repo
> xxxx/yocto/src
> xxxx/yocto/prebuilt
> xxxx/yocto/meta/
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky
> xxxx/yocto/meta/meta-security
> xxxx/yocto/meta/meta-clang
> xxxx/yocto/meta/meta-openembedded
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/meta
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/documentation
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/meta-poky
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/meta-selftest
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/bitbake
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/.git
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/meta-yocto-bsp
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/meta-skeleton
> xxxx/yocto/meta/poky/scripts
> + a set of layers value chain specific, meta-... subdirectories with meta/  as root-point.
> project B (YP release 2.0, actually backport of some later release
> which unfortunately is not reflected in poky.conf)
> yyyy/poky/
> yyyy/poky/meta-yocto
> yyyy/poky/meta
> yyyy/poky/documentation
> yyyy/poky/meta-selftest
> yyyy/poky/meta-selinux
> yyyy/poky/build
> yyyy/poky/meta-cust-installer
> yyyy/poky/bitbake
> yyyy/poky/meta-yocto-bsp
> yyyy/poky/meta-skeleton
> yyyy/poky/scripts
> + a set of layers value chain specific, meta-... subdirectories with poky/  as root-point.
> I mean mainly following differences:
> * Project A places a set of value-chain specific layers/meta-... directories at same
> directory level as poky.
> * meta-yocto apparently not present in project A tree
> * meta-poky apparently not present in project B tree

OE allows you to build own distributions, so what you are looking at
is two different distributions based on different
different releases but using same build system ( OpenEmbedded ) over
major releases the build system gets changed
too in terms of its metadata as well new features and some old cruft
removed like usual projects. so you have different
releases, and different machines and different distro all contributing
to the differences.

and meta-yocto was renamed to meta-poky in one of those changes at the request of the members and community.


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