Re: subtree …/tmp/deploy/… , files named Packages

Khem Raj

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 8:53 AM keydi <krzysztof.dudziak@...> wrote:


This is about two projects Projects A and B. Both use Yocto to build embedded-Linux distribution. However different Yocto release each. Also different target platform each. One puts Linux software packages to RPM, another one to IPK. For only one of those two Yocto generates plain-text files named 'Packages' and places it to image subdirectories of /tmp/deploy/rpm or /tmp/deploy/ipk subtree. The another one doesn't. Is this (files 'Packages' to be generated or not) any configuration point platform vendor can had set for its code-base to non-standard setting? Any means available for project Packages files (as of time being) not being generated to activate these files generation?

Background: Tool-chain used here to generate software bill of materials and all artifacts needed for fulfillment of used software license terms processes these files. Might it be good/bad idea to use files addressed in this message for software composition evaluation?
what you are looking at is feeds area, where the format will vary
depending upon which online package management is in use. So you will
have to make that differentiation. Packages file is used when opkg is
used and not by rpm/dnf
for SCA perhaps you want to look at content of the packages. or maybe
use the manifests that yocto generates e.g. license manifest in images
have info on all packages that go into that image, it may not be
formatted as per your expectation
but its somewhere to start

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