Re: Building test code?

Josef Holzmayr

Am Di., 16. März 2021 um 10:49 Uhr schrieb Nicolas Dechesne

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 8:07 AM jchludzinski via
<> wrote:

It certainly appears to be BUT I'm not certain what I'm looking at?

What is meta-openembedded?

Is it a GIT repo that can be cloned and built?
Short answer is yes. The whole Yocto Project / Open Embedded concept
is based around 'layers. A layer is a repository that contains recipes
(and/or machine/distro, ..). The Yocto Project releases include a
couple of common/core layers, but there are plenty of layers out there
which can be used
I am sure there are quite a bit of documentation on this topic, but
perhaps you might want to start with:
Or grab a beer and start bingewatching


How do I use this to build spidev-test?


On 2021-03-15 19:54, akuster wrote:

On 3/15/21 4:11 PM, jchludzinski via wrote:

I got a piece of code from github:

I'd like to add it somewhere under /*tools/testing*/ and build it there.

Not sure if this is appropriate? If so, how do I go about this?

If not, what's the best way to build this?

Is this what you are looking for?


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