Where is the kernel configuration file?

Paul D. DeRocco

I've found various answers to this. The correct answer appears to be in
tmp/work-shared/<machine>/kernel-source, but I didn't even have this
directory, after doing a working build of core-image-minimal. After more
searching, I discovered that this was because most of my build was from
shared state. So I ran "bitbake linux-yocto-rt -c menuconfig", and it
unpacked the kernel source into this location, but there was no .config
file. I told menuconfig to save the current configuration under that name,
but it said it hadn't changed, so didn't save it.

I ran menuconfig again, and told it to save it as "fooconfig", because I
just wanted to look at it. This time, it didn't complain, but it didn't
create that file either. So I ran it again, and told it to save it as
"/home/pauld/fooconfig". That finally worked.

So the minor question is: When I told it to save it as "fooconfig", why
didn't it create that file in the kernel-source directory? Or did something
in the do_menuconfig code subvert the menuconfig program and delete its

The bigger question is: Where is the config file that is actually used to
build the kernel? I'm trying various builds in different trees, and would
like to compare the configurations. There must be _some_ file it's reading,
mustn't there?


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco
Paul mailto:pderocco@ix.netcom.com

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