No UDEV events emitted

Darcy Watkins



I am building a dunfell based system for layerscape using sysvinit as the init system and find that the eudev daemon is not emitting UDEV events.


udevadm monitor  --udev --kernel &


echo -n “remove” > /sys/devices/platform/soc/3100000.usb3/


And then I see…

KERNEL[1742.211692] remove   /devices/platform/soc/3100000.usb3/ (usb)


In my older daisy based system, I see both…

KERNEL[113501.346970] remove   /devices/platform/soc/3100000.usb3/ (usb)

UDEV  [113501.348373] remove   /devices/platform/soc/3100000.usb3/ (usb)


Can anyone explain why I am not seeing the UDEV events emitted?   (Is this related to using eudev rather than the original udev or what is packaged as part of systemd?)


Thanks in advance.








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