Re: Reducing the perl footprint on my image

Tim Orling

On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 7:06 AM Rusty Howell <rustyhowell@...> wrote:
Steve, you're right.  My is adding various lmsensors packages to the IMAGE_INSTALL, some of which depend on perl-modules.   perl-modules seems to be the big monster, not perl.  We need lmsensors.  So I guess my question is really, how can I (or can I at all) reduce the footprint of perl-modules?  perl-modules doesn't have any Depends, rather it has a long list (~ 670) of Recommends. 

If you look at the lmsensors recipe, the lmsensors-sensorsdetect [1] and lmsensors-sensorsconfconvert [2] subpackages both have perl-modules in RDEPENDS.
One way to determine the ACTUAL dependencies is to run the perl.req script from rpm [3].

$ perl.req sensors-detect
perl >= 0:5.004

$ perl.req sensors-conf-convert

You then need to translate those into the perl-modules-* subpackages, which is easiest to see in perl-rdepends.txt [4].

I have not built nor tested this, but using the described approach I have a patch for lmsensors [5].

Please cherry-pick, test and if it works, add your signed-off-by and submit to the mailing list.

On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 1:49 PM Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@...> wrote:
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> > > On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 6:26 AM <rustyhowell@...> wrote:
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> > > > I have an image that is using debian package management
> > (PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_deb").  Because apt and dpkg require perl,
> > perl is being installed in the image.   No problem.  Except that the entire perl
> > stack is 669 packages.
> > >
> > > I just took a look at the manifest for one of my images that includes
> > > PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_deb".  I see the perl package plus 43
> > > perl-module packages.  Are you sure that something else in your images
> > > isn't pulling in all of those other perl-module packages?
> >
> > It just occurred to me to make sure you are looking in the image
> > manifest to see which packages are actually installed in your image.
> > The perl recipe does generate 676 packages (in dunfell) so perhaps you
> > might be looking at the generated packages rather than the installed
> > packages??
> >
> I encountered a similar problem with package management enabled and rpm 
> as package format, where I also just install rpm for package management 
> and not all dnf stack. I get quite a lot of perl and python packages 
> into the image which are pulled by the rpm package, but they are only
> needed for things like rpm-build, rpm-sign, etc., not for the bare 
> rpm command, which is the only one I need in the image.
> So I locally extended the rpm recipe to split those tools into rpm-build, 
> rpm-sign and rpm-archive and skip those packages in the image. I should 
> probably send patches for that to oe-core. Is that something that could
> be accepted?

Not sure they need to go to separate packages but moving those 
three to some kind of "build" package would make a lot of sense
to me at least.



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