VS: [meta-raspberrypi] Support for Raspberry pi CM4 (USB host support not working)

Jonas Vennevold



I was wondering if the meta-raspberrypi layer has official support for the cm4 module?

I see a commit adding the .dtb files for the cm4 and 400 in the master branch.


In the documentation, it is also mentioned that USB host support has to be enabled for CM4 IO board.



Since it is not listed under supported machines I assume that it is not supported.
If that is true, how long before it is going to be supported?


I haven’t been able to get the USB host support to work.

I have been building from the master branch and set ' ENABLE_DWC2_HOST = "1" ’ in my local.conf.

I have also confirmed that ‘ dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host ‘ has been added to the config.txt, but so far I have had no luck getting it to work.

Any tips on how to get it to work?


I tried writing an image onto the CM4 with the RPI Imager and had success with enabling the USB host support that way.



Jonas Vennevold


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