Re: Dunfell, nodejs and typescript - short experience report

Simon Vogl

Sure, please find the bbclass file attached to this mail. All it does is to inherit npm and overwrite configure with an extended copy .

Meanwhile, I saw another issue popping up: It seems that multiple indirect dependencies to a package with different versions create inconsitent license checksum entries. In my case, several packages depend on 'xtend' in versions 4.0.0 to 4.0.2, the license file picked is package.json which contains the version, of course, and causes conflicts. Oh my.


Am 24.02.21 um 12:02 schrieb TRO:

Hi Simon,
I'm dealing actually with the same problem. Would you like to share your  "configure in my own subclass"?

I'm also thinking there is a need for a bbclass which actually is not using gyp, instead it should be able to "npm run build".

There is alsa a patch for speeding up npm npmsw fetcher
cheers Thomas

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