Re: Huawei e3372h & Quectel EG25-G LTE modems

Khem Raj

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 10:22 PM Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy <kerenyi.nagy.zoltan@...> wrote:

I have a barix ipam400 module, the development is done with Yocto. Recently I managed to modify and include the needed kernel modules into the kernel with Yocto.
However it still doesnt work. Both module work seemleslly and out of the box with a RaspberryPi, but not with this ipam400 modul. The kernel is 4.10.

The latest issue is that when I try to pull up an internet connection the error message is this:
device lo not available because device is strictly unmanage

These are the kernel module which I have included with bitbake -c menuconfig linux, they are all on the target device now:

what does NetworkManager.conf look like on the device ?
especially mark managed=true and see if that helps


Do you guys have any idea whats wrong with this setup. I've read the out-of-tree kernel module yocto dokumentation, I did my best and had many suggestions on the forum as well.


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