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Bruce Ashfield

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 9:56 AM Karthik Poduval
<> wrote:

Hi Mikko,

Do you have an example on how you do that ? Do you bbapend the
linux-libc-headers recipe file ?
I have an application that uses dmabuf heap that potentially extends
across multiple BSP's as its BSP agnostic. I don't want to be patching
individual BSP recipes and generating headers. The issue I am facing
is due to backporting the patch from 5.6 to 5.4 so the required header
isn't a part of the recipe. Best would have been
a virtual/kernel-keaders target that applications that require BSP
headers would add to their recipe DEPENDS. Why is this not a solved
issue by yocto project ? Why do individual BSP's need to deal with
this differently when the header install mechanism (make
headers_install) is the same irrespective of the type of BSP ?
Because it's not a simple thing to solve (and there's a bugzilla around for it
already, where the thoughts and issues are captured, but that one seems to
have been closed and I can't find it at the moment). I do have a WIP
class that provides some different modes
but with corner cases and concerns, it keeps slipping. Feel free to try it
out and comment in the bug (I'll try myself to be sure it still applied, it has
been a few months).

What works for your case, doesn't mean it is a general/supporable

But generally speaking, It's an incredibly bad idea to have your libc-headers
tied to the kernel you are building. Every time that kernel changes, you
basically need to rebuild the entire stack .. hence the bad idea. It is such
a common question, that we actually put a warning in the libc-headers
recipe itself.

We do not really want a parallel set of headers in the shared workdir, that are
from the currently built kernel. You'd end up with all sorts of mismatches
and cross includes and potential different behaviour per-application.

We already have the kernel source installed into the shared workdir,
which is what the tips in the libc-headers recipe suggest using. And it
honestly isn't so common the need for sanitized headers that the need for
something like I did in that bug has made it necessary.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 5:18 AM <> wrote:


I know it's not the best or recommended approach, but I find it
hard to avoid merging linux-libc-headers recipe with the actual
kernel recipe that a distro is using. At least a static copy
of some version of uapi headers from that kernel can be used
instead of the poky side linux-libc-headers. This helps to get
the actual BSP SW delivery headers into userspace, SDK etc.



Karthik Poduval

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