Re: Updating Yocto

Mikko Rapeli

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 09:24:47AM -0500, Claude Bing wrote:
I mentioned that we remove that directory, and it does indeed solve a
lot of problems. Not sure that it was clear from the original message,
but whenever we get a random error on the first build after the upgrade
we run a "bitbake -c cleanall" on that package, and everything works
great. The errors do not show up again.
Yes, we're talking about the same thing :)

A lot of yocto things don't work well if major changes happen and WORKDIR
isn't completely cleaned in between. With various BSP layers things
can be even worse and they may actively break both work directory and
sstate caches.

For any major changes in open source or other meta layers, I wipe build/tmp
completely to avoid random problems. In our CI this is the default.
Only download cache and sstate mirror are re-used between builds.
After this, I don't see many problems and build failures which are not
real bugs in either our changes or in upstream, e.g. race conditions
in build scripts.



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