#toolchain #sdk #qt5 - compiler missing from from do_populate_sdk #toolchain #sdk #qt5



We have a functioning image built for our device/platform based on Ti Processor SDK; at this point I'm trying to build an SDK for the image that I can distribute to other members of our development team to develop Qt5-based application for our platform. I want to build an SDK installer that includes additional Qt5 components which aren't included in the default Ti SDK like QtConnectivity and QtVirtualKeyboard.

I've tried several methods to build the SDK including: 
  • adding inherit populate_sdk populate_sdk_qt5 to my image recipe and running bitbake {image} -c populate_sdk
  • creating a new image recipe for the SDK with IMAGE_FEATURES += " dev-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug eclipse-debug debug-tweaks"
  • building meta-toolchain-qt5

None of the resulting SDK installers appear to include the compiler, after sourcing the environment script I get the following:
micheal:buildData$ source /buildData/customToolchain/environment-setup-armv7ahf-neon-linux-gnueabi
micheal:buildData$ $CC
bash: arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: command not found

I know that in the past I did manage to get a working SDK/Toolchain using one of the methods above though at the moment none seem to work for me.


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