Re: Kernel Header UAPI Issue

Khem Raj

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 4:52 PM Karthik Poduval
<karthik.poduval@...> wrote:

I have a 5.4 kernel where I applied a patch (using a .scc file) from
kernel 5.6 which brings in dmabuf heaps.

The patch exports a uapi header
I am trying to write an application that uses dmabuf with a recipe (no
special DEPENDS).

It is able to find
but not
#include<linux/dma-heap.h> (this file is introduced in the patch)

I looked at the recipe's sysroot
and dma-buf.h is there but not dma-heap.h

Why is the header not being imported ?
What does patch look like? just adding the file is not enough, it
should be added to makefiles to be exported as UAPI header

Karthik Poduval

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