Re: Custom python location on target #python


On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 04:57 AM, Josef Holzmayr wrote:
Whats the reasoning behind this? If its meant to be a work-around for
"my custom software totally wants it in that location", then you're
probably better off fixing your custom software to stick to canonical
paths. If its about partitioning schemes, other techniques might
apply. If its about being able to upgrade/modify python independently
from the system, then you probably want some root-in-root or container
build. But randomly picing a complex package that has system-wide
implications and saying "I want it here, screw the FHS" is not a good
idea usually.
I am aware that what I am asking for is a bit ugly. 
The reason is that I have a small amount of memory at my disposal.  I'm working with a setup with two partitions, a root-fs and an overlayed application file system. None of them has enough space for python.
Therefore I want to install it on the eMMC, which has plenty of space.
So instead of /usr which is on the root/app file system, I would install it under /media/<somewhere> on the mounted eMMC. 
But maybe there exists a more elegant solution? 
Kind regards, 

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