Re: #yocto #kernel "yocto-check-layer" #yocto #kernel

Anuj Mittal

On Wed, 2021-02-10 at 13:55 +0000, Monsees, Steven C (US) via wrote:
Mb build was setup and done under one layer, with “distro” and “bsp“
at the same layer, I wanted to split them up into separate layers
inorder to better conform to the Yocto standard…. (Note my kernel
builds and runs correctly when split or not split)
When not split “Yocto-check-layer” calls me out for having “distro”
and “bsp” in same layer, when I split them I am seeing the following
for each new layer:
Can someone explain the errors the script is reporting and how to
resolve (these are not seen build the split or non-split images) ?
08:43 smonsees@yix490031
INFO: Detected layers:
INFO: meta-intel-bsp: LayerType.BSP,
INFO: Setting up for meta-intel-bsp(LayerType.BSP),
INFO: Getting initial bitbake variables ...
INFO: Getting initial signatures ...
INFO: Generating signatures failed. This might be due to some parse
error and/or general layer incompatibilities.
BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER="OEBasicHash" bitbake -S none world
Parsing recipes...done.
Parsing of 2450 .bb files complete (0 cached, 2450 parsed). 3645
targets, 91 skipped, 0 masked, 0 errors.
NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies
ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'shim' (but
core/packagegroups/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise
requires it)
NOTE: Runtime target 'shim' is unbuildable, removing...
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['shim']
ERROR: Required build target 'meta-world-pkgdata' has no buildable
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['meta-world-pkgdata',
'packagegroup-base', 'shim']
It looks like this packagegroup has a RDEPENDS on "shim" while the code
can't find the recipe. If that RDEPENDS is correct, this layer probably
needs to add a LAYERDEPENDS on a layer that has this recipe in



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