Re: Duplictae files gets created on opening any file in yocto for rpi cm3 #dunfell #cm3

Nicolas Jeker

On Tue, 2021-02-09 at 21:22 -0800, wrote:
Dear team,

I'm using yocto-dunfell for generating for my rpi-cm3.
it is working fine, but one issue I'm facing that when ever I'm
trying to open any file, that gets duplicated with it's name and then
~ sign.
e.g. I'm open file, then on saving this file one file will
be automatically generated with the name .
This thing unnecessarily consuming memory in my file-system.
Are you using vim to edit the files? If yes, then take a look at
"backup files":
Be aware that vim possibly creates swap and undo files, too.

Please assist me some method to get rid with this.

Thanks and Regards.
Prashant Singh

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