Re: devtool question/issue

Josef Holzmayr

Hi David!

Am Mo., 8. Feb. 2021 um 01:01 Uhr schrieb David Gartner <gartnerd@...>:
I found the issue that was causing my problem. Just an FYI if anyone else happens to run into this.

There was a file named ".devtoolbase" in /mnt/YB. I think this was a remenant of some previous work I was doing with yocto. I'm not sure what the purpose of this file is but once I removed it devtool no longer errorred out.
Oh great, thanks for the heads up. I am actually the one who did the
video, and just returned into office mondayishly and would have tried
probably this afternoon. But that I would have never found, as I
usually start out in clean slate containers, and I use devtool a lot
in there with builds even scattered out over multiple mount points.So
glad you figurede out and took the time to share!


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