Re: [meta-virtualization]: dunfell docker run issues

Robert Berger


On 04/02/2021 17:03, Marek Belisko wrote:
I'm trying to run docker containers on orangepi and use
meta-virtualization layer to add docker. I've installed the docker-ce
package and everything seems to be fine.
But docker service seems fails to start with:
Feb 04 15:00:01 orange-pi-zero dockerd[495]: failed to start daemon:
Devices cgroup isn't mounted
Can you please tell us which version of yocto this is?

Also which kernel and especially which kernel config.

I use something pretty recent (master kind of) and I am able to start docker and podman with a custom kernel, but networking is very wrong.

1) if I run a web service in a container and open port 8080 to the outside world it is not accessible.

2) it's also not possible with docker-compose/podman-compose to communicate between containers

... unless I put everything on the host network.

Once you reconfigure your kernel and get it up and running could you please also test the issues I mention here?

BTW will dunfell it seems to work, I need to retest, but I have some boards running with it, I believe.

If you manage to get an upstream kernel to run on your orangepi zero I guess I could even give you my layers to give it a try. You will need another device tree and boot loader, but the rest should work.



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