2038 time problem fix in yocto #kernel #linux #yocto #zeus



We need to have a fix for 2038 problem for out 32 bit based product which is running Yocto (Linux).
2038 time problem was fixed in Linux kernel recently https://www.theregister.com/2020/10/19/linux_5_10_y2k38_fixes/

This issue is fixed and kernel and glibc, these version of kernel is not part of the yocto yet.
Does anyone know the timeline for this?

Also, There are other packages also affected by 2038 time problem in Linux.
Is there any timeline to fix these issues in other packages.
Its understandable that yocto project include these packages when new version of the package comes and doesnt maintain it.
But is there any central monitoring in yocto community about fixing this issue throughout yocto ?
Can any one please help me with above detail?

Paresh Dhandhukiya

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