[meta-rockchip] Question about OVERRIDES in meta-rockchip

Markus Volk

I'm building an image for rock-pi-4c using meta-rockchip layer and need to remove a DISTRO_FEATURE in local.conf. That would be needed for all rockchip based boards, but i only found overrides based on soc_family. I ended up adding a line for every soc_family:

DISTRO_FEATURES_remove_rk3066 =
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove_rk3188 =
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove_rk3288 =
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove_rk3399 =

So my question is: Is there any better way to achieve this or would it be thinkable to add an override for the complete rockchip family (maybe in rockchip-defaults.inc) like this?


Kind regards,
Markus Volk

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